Settling In Assistance


settling At SEAMAX ARISTO we recognise how important the settling-in period is for you and your family.
Our relocation settling-in services are intended to reduce uncertainty and anxiety, helping you to adapt easily and comfortably to living in Geoje.
We offer a varied package of cost-effective, settling-in services which can be modified to meet your individual requirements.

    Services include:
  1. Meet and Greet on arrival
  2. Hotel reservations
  3. Accommodation tour
  4. Geoje city orientation tour(which include a supermarket tour)
  5. Banking services (implementing local bank accounts)
  6. Driver's license support service
  7. Mobile phone hire, including bill management service
  8. Korean classes for beginners
  9. Intercultural coaching (to create an awareness of cross-cultural differences and how these differences impact the way we think, behave, communicate and do business with each other)
  10. Provide information and advice on accessing schools and kindergartens and amenities.
  11. Informal cultural do and don't tips